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Date: 1/15/99

Publication: The Nation

Section: Headlines

List Of Accusations

Accusations against Wat Dhammakaya and abbot Phra Dhammachayo:

-- The abbot's conduct considered unbecoming for monks:

Holding US naturalisation status or a greencard -- a charge denied

Owning land in his own name

Wearing a robe made of expensive fabric from Switzerland

Owning a home in a posh Chiang Mai housing estate

Greeting female followers with pleasantries unbecoming for monks like ''What cute ear lobes you have!'' ''You have a cheeks of a cute child and I can't help wanting to touch them!''

Bathing in mineral water to cultivate physical radiance

Eating gourmet food

-- Against the temple:

Display of miracles in which the sun radiates a gem-like aura

Dubious methods of raising donations and revenue which has not been accounted for

The construction of a stupa, the size of which is considered extravagant by many during a time when the country is suffering from recession

Spreading the faith in a method as used by direct salesmen

The acquisition of land in many provinces

The acquisition of land to mine gold

Carrying on businesses owned by the temple

Preaching that merit earned equals donations

Possible threat to national security for its ability to amass millions of followers

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