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Date: 12/29/98

Publication: The Nation

Section: Headlines

Former Dhammakaya monk threatened

A FORMER assistant abbot of Wat Dhammakaya said yesterday about 30 followers of the controversial Buddhist temple have threatened violence if he did not stop criticising the temple.

Phra Adisak, now a member of Wat Paknam Pasicharoen, recently gave press interviews alleging the temple falsely interprets the Buddhist canon by emphasising excessive merit making instead of concentrating on Buddha's teachings.

He said he had left the temple in the wake of controversies surrounding the religious teachings and its relentless drive for donations.

The Dhammakaya followers, travelling in two pickup trucks and a passenger car from the temple's Petchaburi branch, staged a rally in front of Phra Adisak's abode demanding he stop interfering in their religious practices.

The followers said the allegations against the temple were groundless and damaging to Buddhism. They threatened to return in a few days with more followers to ''effectively deal with'' the monk if he refuses to stop airing criticism of the temple.

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